Awesome Game Ideas
Idea #7: Mega-Easter-Egg

Not much of a game mechanic, but I think it would be Awesome if someone actually did this, and did it right.

You start playing a game. It is quite boring. You’re almost ready to quit when you glitch through something and appear in a completely different game.

It’s like an easter egg, except the easter egg is the real game.

See how long it takes people to find it.

As an added bonus, the easter egg could contain easter-eggs in itself, which lead back to the original game, or they could go deeper. as if in an “EasterEgg-ception”


There is a similar game, but what I'm looking for is a different medium - a tablet or a phone. There's a game that is only about reading - You move the cursor around, and whatever part of text it touches, it highlits. Depending on what is written in the text, and if You touched/read it, there are different things happening in the background. Example - You read about how the weather gets more windy = You move your cursor more slowly to the right, because the wind is obviously pushing You.

Not sure if it’s a game, but I’ll put it up here anyway, since this blog is kinda empty.

Must get more ideas…

How about a rhythm game where you can import your own music? A game like just dance with your own music.

I hate music games, but I’ll put it up here anyway :P

Idea #6: (yet another) Zombie-Apocalypse-FPS

Except this time you play as the zombie.

So much more original.


Idea #5: Balancing Corruption

Here’s an interesting one.

The story, basic gameplay mechanics and stuff is completely up to you.

Basically, you have some kind of “Corruption” bar. All throughout the game it is slowly filling up. Once it is full, you lose the game.

There is absolutely no way to reverse the filling of the corruption bar. This is an important part of the design.

However, it fills up so slowly that you could easily complete the game without it even reaching halfway (or something like that).

The tricky part is, you must make the game EXTREMELY HARD. In fact, impossible, as it is so far.

So, how do you do it?

When the corruption bar reaches certain points, it mutates you to make you more powerful. Maybe it gives you wings? A better way of attacking; Better armour; Makes you more agile; Makes you bigger/smaller;

Just make sure that none of the mutations have any negative side-effects. You must make the player want to raise the corruption.

The game should be possible to win at full mutation from the very start (obviously without the full-corruption lose condition). ie: There shouldn’t be any stages that can only be completed if your corruption is below a certain point.

The idea here is that you are encouraging the player to make themself more corrupted. The problem being that they have to balance their level of corruption with the time required to finish the game.

So, how do they raise their corruption?

Well, there should be two ways. Firstly, simply pressing a button to (temporarily) increase the speed of corruption. Secondly, there should be special abilities that instantly increase corruption.

Maybe a heal action, maybe a speed increase, maybe an explosion, lasers, fire, magic etc. Anything that is good for repeated use throughout the game, but not neccessary to complete any stages! These are just for convenience. Player should not be forced to use them if they don’t want to.

Of course, because of the difficulty of the game, they will have to.

Final Notes on Balancing and Design:

You can do whatever you like, as long as it keeps to a few principles:

  1. It must be possible to pass any level at any stage of mutation.
  2. Special abilities must not be needed to win. It doesn’t mean that it can’t be humanly impossible to win without them, it just has to be hard.
  3. The above rules can be ignored if the parts accessed are not neccessary to complete the game. You can have bonus zones that can only be accessed by certain abilities/mutations.
  4. An extremely good player shouldn’t be able to win the game without their corruption reaching at least 3/4 (or whatever you want that number to be).

And some recommendations: The game will be more fun if the player has to make a careful decision whether to raise their corruption to pass an area, hoping that they will reach the end of the game before their corruption hits 100%, or whether they should leave it and risk dying as a result of being too weak to get through whatever stage.

IMPORTANT EDIT JUST BEFORE POSTING: The increase of corruption must be greater than just linear (polynomial or exponential). If it is linear, the player can just increase the corruption earlier if they know they’ll need it later anyway, with no negative effects.

Anyway, I hope you understand my idea here. Good luck if you decide to use it.


Idea #4: Lies your parents told you

Take a lie your parents told you when you were young, and make a game in which it is actually true.

(Just a short one this time)


Idea #3: Survival of the Careful

This idea is going to be quite abstract, as there are so many ways to implement such an idea.

It is a perma-death survival game. The idea is to survive as long as possible. Or there could be a goal.

Basically, you have a few areas. You have one area that is safe sometimes and dangerous others. This is the ‘Risk’ area. Then you have another that is nearly always safe. This is the ‘Safe’ zone.

You can travel through the risk zone any time, anywhere. You can get from the risk zone to the safe zone at almost any place. You can not travel through the safe zone. This means that to move from place to place, you have to move through the risk zone.

Also, getting out of the risk zone takes a little while. You can’t just instantly leave the risk zone. However, you can enter the risk zone from the safe zone (almost) instantly.

Now, more on the risk zone:

Whether the risk zone is in dangerous mode or safe mode should be clearly visible, or at least so the player knows when it is safe/dangerous. It should switch between safe and dangerous based on time, and there should be a way in which the player is warned that it is going from safe to dangerous.

When the risk zone is in safe mode, you are free to do whatever you want with no chance of being harmed. But when it is in danger mode, every ‘tick’ of the game you stay there has a chance of you dying instantly (how you die is up to the game developer).

Important: There must be something in the risk zone that is essential for survival. There has to be a reason for the player to travel there.

So far, it creates a game where the player has to stay in the safe zone but still enter the risk zone occasionally to survive. You can also enter the risk zone when it is dangerous and survive, with possible benefits, but if you do so too much, the chance of you dying increases. It means that the player can either wait it out safely, or try to advance quicker and possibly lose.

But that’s not enough. There needs to be more reason to take risks.

Now you need to add a goal. The goal can only be reached by travelling a long distance through the risk zone. As you near the goal, the chance of you dying when in the dangerous risk zone increases. This means that while you can probably get quite far through danger at the start, near the end, you won’t last more than a few seconds.

Then, if you were really nasty, the goal could only be achieved when the risk zone is in dangerous mode, forcing the player to make one final dash for the goal, hoping the few seconds is enough.

So now you have a game where the player can play it safe, and take longer to win, still having to take a final risk in the last part. Or they could play risky and try to get to the goal quicker with a bigger chance of them losing before they get close.

Still, not enough

You need a time limit. Something needs to happen that means the goal must be reached in a certain amount of time. The limit should be so that you don’t have to risk it constantly, but so that someone who plays it safe the whole time won’t quite make it.

The most important part of the game is to keep the player unknowing. For example, maybe the player doesn’t know where the risk zone and safe zone are, or even that they exist. But after they die the first few times, they see a pattern and work it out.

I’ll write up an example at some point, as I have an amazing idea for such a game.


Idea #2: Mirror Platformer

A platformer where you can enter mirrors.

Basically, whenever you enter a mirror, the world is reflected, but your motion continues.

If it were a tile-based world

There could be 4 or 8 mirror angles, depending on whether you want diagonals.

Say you fall onto a mirror on the ground.
The world is flipped upside-down, and you fall back onto the ‘ceiling’

So Horizontal (floor/ceiling) mirrors would change the coordinates to x, -y
Vertical (wall) mirrors would change to -x, y

Diagonal mirrors would work mostly the same, except they reflect diagonally, which would result in the 4 possible transformations:

(y, x), (-y, x), (y, -x), (-y, -x)

(Transformations relative to the mirrors)

Using these mechanics, it would create interesting levels.

But, that’s not it.

What if the player could place mirrors?
What if mirrors were breakable?

Adding these extra mechanics would create a really interesting game.


Idea #1: Brick fight

A FPS where you throw a brick at random people.
The more people you hit, the harder people try to stop you.

If at some point you lose/break a brick, you can take loose bricks from nearby buildings. You can hold up to 2 bricks at a time.

Effects of the brick:

- Body shot = Send them running away + Knock them over.
- Limb shot = Send them running away + Chance to break their limb.
- Head shot = Knock out.
- Repeated head shots - Kill.

You can also go into buildings and drop your brick off the roof. If that happens, the situation escalates.

- Body shot = Knockout + Chance to kill.
- Head shot = Definite kill.
- Limb shot = Definite broken bones + knock them to the ground.

As you cause more chaos, people will get more aggressive towards you.

After your first shot, people will try and steal your brick. If they do, you can’t do anything about it. You’ll have to go and steal a brick from a nearby building.

After a while, someone will call the cops, and they will charge at you and try to grab you. You have one chance to use the brick as a melee weapon and knock them out before they get you. If they succeed, game over.

After the first wave of cops, more will come, this time with tasers. If you get hit, you are stunned for a few seconds and fall over.

You will inevitably kill someone. Then the cops will get guns. You can try to use your brick as a shield. But if you get hit:

- Arm shot = Can’t throw the brick for a few seconds. Can still melee.
- Leg shot = Fall over.
- Body/Head shot = Kill. Game over.

But don’t worry, the cops have quite bad aim.

Eventually, after causing enough chaos and killing enough people, SWAT teams and the military will be called in. This will result in flashbangs and smoke grenades being used. The military also have better aim than the police.

Of course, with a brick, you will be able to survive, maybe. So then more military people will be called in. This time, they will be using assault rifles.

Now eventually, there will be a state of emergency declared, and citizens will be told to evacuate. Then they’ll start using grenades, missile launchers and tanks.

If you get close enough to a missile launcher, you can block it with a brick. If that happens, it will either a) backfire; or b) blow up.
If a soldier throws a grenade at you, you can swat it back with a brick. Grenades will destroy tanks.

At some point, you may defeat the local army. If that happens, you will be able to steal a car, and drive to the capital.

At the capital, the army will be waiting, and be more numbered, and have defences set up. Through luck and skill, you may be able to make it through and kill the country’s leader. Once that happens, surrounding countries will launch nukes.

And that’s where the game ends…


Welcome to my list of Awesome Game Ideas

I decided to start of list of Awesome ideas for games that I don’t have the time/skill/resources for.

Some will be short descriptions, some one sentence. Some may be in-depth explanations.

Feel free to use any of these for your own.

You can choose whether you want to give credit or not.

I hope you find something useful.