Awesome Game Ideas
Idea #2: Mirror Platformer

A platformer where you can enter mirrors.

Basically, whenever you enter a mirror, the world is reflected, but your motion continues.

If it were a tile-based world

There could be 4 or 8 mirror angles, depending on whether you want diagonals.

Say you fall onto a mirror on the ground.
The world is flipped upside-down, and you fall back onto the ‘ceiling’

So Horizontal (floor/ceiling) mirrors would change the coordinates to x, -y
Vertical (wall) mirrors would change to -x, y

Diagonal mirrors would work mostly the same, except they reflect diagonally, which would result in the 4 possible transformations:

(y, x), (-y, x), (y, -x), (-y, -x)

(Transformations relative to the mirrors)

Using these mechanics, it would create interesting levels.

But, that’s not it.

What if the player could place mirrors?
What if mirrors were breakable?

Adding these extra mechanics would create a really interesting game.


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